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Slow Machines, Volume Three (Here in These Frozen Halls​)​)

by Slow Machines

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Stupid Heart 04:07
I got a stupid heart you can ask anyone you could have left me a thousand times as long as you came back a thousand and one yeah you really got your dirty hooks in me on my heart you've held the mortgage note since we were seventeen oh I got a stupid heart my head's pretty smart it's good at grown up things I'm good at balancing my checkbook and making sure the rent gets paid It's just that every time you come creeping back I'll soon be selling off my assets like a lunatic on crack oh I got a stupid heart no I don't love her not like I love you but do I really love you or do i just need to hear you say to me that i was the one you really wanted I really wanted you i think I've made it clear i've got a stupid heart i'm a sentimental imbecile and such an easy mark i've got nothing left you took everything my dear I'd rather be your servant than anybody else's king oh I got a stupid heart no I don't love her not like I love you but do I really love you? 
AmberLynn 04:02
i had a dream that i knocked off a liquor store shot some old man and his wife they hauled me in front of a judge and a jury gave me twenty to life    i settled in, lifted weights in the yard got me a couple tattoos read the good book as i got right with jesus kicked all the crystal and booze but nobody loved me, everyone hated me i just stopped giving a fuck amber lynn wrote me letters and sent dirty pictures and maybe a couple of bucks i know love was hard with a man behind bars but she never showed any tears one sunday a month oh but that was enough to get us through the rest of those years the warden he said itthat i was a credit to the correctional system indeed so i served my time, did just over a dime then they put me back out on the streets amber lynn picked me up just outside of the prison my heart beating out of my chest and we held each other for what seemed like forever  then we jumped in her truck and we left oh, we jumped in her truckand we left we danced in the moonlight, slept under the stars singing sweet love songs all the while she practiced her numbersand played with her stones while i sipped on my coffee and smiled but I woke with a start and a pain in my heart as it dawned on me this was a dream and that there'd never been any conjugal visits and she didn't write no letters to me light a cigarette as i burn with regret o'er the loss of my sweet amber lynn i'd smile through the hell of two decades in jail if it meant i could see her again oh i wish i could see her again!
No Repair 03:26
how long until the fire is out? how long before the fall? how long until we find there's nothing left at all? how long before we're out of breath from  screaming into the abyss? how long til we're no longer sure what it meant? there's an airplane, sputtering and falling out of the air there's nothing there there's no repair how long until we bite the bullet? how long until the starting gun? how long before we've lost the energy to run? how long until the kids are grown and the dogs are wooden boxes on a shelf? how long until the family home goes up for sale? hey mister dinosaur, there's a meteor but you're tragically unaware so unprepared there's no repair as the machinery of humanity is programmed for disrepair and such despair there's no repair
must be something about the way i'm made makes me think you're gonna run away but if i could be bold for just one minute i'd say i love your world and i wanna be in it and if we run out of words to say there's a thousand melodies to play and as the sun sets upon our fears the harmony of life will hold us near broken heart in quarantine i've broken out and now i'm free and if i owed the world a single debt i'd say i've paid it and there's nothing left the time is gone for guessing games the time has come for speaking plain so if you're feeling scared or lost at sea you'll get nothing but the truth from me you'll get nothing but the truth from me... and if we run out of words to say there's a thousand melodies to play and as the sun rises upon our years the harmony of life will hold us, dear...
in the blurry dawn how we carry on never giving thought to the waning of days is it time for school? is the work all done? will mother soon be calling us to lie in our bunks?  gone away are those days in the month arcane our manor was ablaze tried to save the day but our legs were lame when i got the news took a girl like you  wore our fancy shoes to the freedom parade gone away are those days i was forest green you were tangerine time to dream our dreams but our dreams were all wrong full of emptiness but how you wore that dress and how you jumped into my lap and sang me that song   gone away are those days 
I sleep with my enemies I lie to my friends I take out the garbage and bring it back in I'm afraid of the dark but even more of the light And I'm not really sure if I'll ever be right I associate with all sorts of cheaters and pimps All warm and cozy with demons and imps Not trying to be dramatic Or intentionally trite But I'm not really sure if I'll ever be right You could go ask my mother If I knew where she gone She got sick of dealing with me early on You could go ask my wife but I don't think she'd say She'll just cry and silently wonder why it turned out this way... It's probably something that I should address I'd put a gun to my head but I don't want the mess Something's been lurking there all of my life And I'm not really sure if I'll ever be right I'm not really sure if I'll ever be right...
Roaches 02:12
Did you always bend? Did you finally break? Did you always make the same mistake? Did you lust for gold? Did you pile it up? Did you ever think it'd be enough? Did you ever take a battery And put it to your tongue? Did you let it slide right down your throat? Did your father cry When your mother left? Are there roaches on your family crest? Did you fall in love? Did you take a bride? Did she run off with some other guy? Did you ever smash your little toe With a hammer just for fun And write a letter in the blood? Did you buy a house? A nicer part of town? Did you ever want to burn it down? Did you get a dog? Is she your only friend? Are you happy with your happy end?
this old heart sure can take a beating well i'm starting to believe it was meant to   history just keeps repeating still don't know what i'm getting myself into but you were the start of this pain in my heart  and it just doesn't seem to be healing and it's just some odd adolescent charade that for all these long years I've been believing but you weren't the one you're just the one who was there. isn't destiny fleeting? no one wins there's no end to the movie desperate souls just careening slow machines decay slowly but surely i'm just sitting here reeling we're the ones that your god played a joke on desperately needed feeding so he gave us an apple to choke on and i'm always screaming that there's just no meaning but nobody seems to believe me and still you contend that the angels are singing you hymns from the screen of your tv but you're not the one  You're just the one who was there guess i should have been clearer when i said there was nothing left for us i was writing the verses you were still singing along with the chorus   you're just a song I've been singing along to that just didn't have any meaning the words are banal making no sense at all as the melody just keeps repeating but you weren't the one you're just the one who was there you weren't the one you're just someone who was there.


some songs i wrote winter of 2019 thru summer of 2020


released October 29, 2020

j david clark - vocals, guitars and piano
steve prince - drums
dan latt - keys

special guest vocals - brandy gautney

recorded and mastered by mark brasel at the zone productions, and by j david clark at garbage farm studios, both in melbourne, fl


all rights reserved



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